Our signature cocktails are made with fresh ingredients, and our drinks menu proudly boasts a range of old world and new. When you visit Plus 5 in South Wharf, you’ll be impressed with our huge selection of classic beverages and unique thirst quenching offerings, available from noon until night.

With such an extensive choice to choose from our beverage menu, our staff are always on hand to help you find the perfect drink. Whether you want the right tipple to accompany some tapas, or just want to sip under the sun on our water front terrace, we provide everything you need to have a good time.

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Dockside Lager 
Goopers Pale Ale 
Kronenbourg 1664
Thatchers Gold English Apple Cider 

Bottled Local Victorian & Australian

Coopers Light 
Coopers Vintage 
Kooinda Black IPA
Kosciusko Pale Ale 
Moon Dog Old Mate Pale Ale 
Barrow Boys Stormy Lager 
Two Bird Sunset Ale
3 Ravens Smoke Beer 
4 Pines Kolsch Ale 

Bottled International

Corona (MEXICO) 
Kronenbourg (FRANCE)
Kronenbourg Blanc (FRNACE)
Kirin Lager (JAPAN) 
Peroni (ITALY)

Bottled Cider

Kirin Fuji (JPN) 
Thatchers Gold (ENG)
Bulmer's Pear (IRE) 


Signature Cocktails

South Wharf Side 

A spin on the classic cocktail Southside, our South Wharf Side will tempt you with its delicate and floral notes coming from our tea infused Beefeater gin, and with the refreshing yet sharp hint of lime and mint. - Served in a tall glass.


Similar to the daiquiri, the Panama mixes Mauritian rum and Panamanian rum, a touch of agave nectar and, obviously, some lime. With a vanilla note to it, the Panama brings the taste of South America to Plus 5! - Served in a martini glass.

Spicy & Stormy 

Just like the original Dark and stormy, the spicy storm combines the lush spices of Kraken spiced rum, ginger beer and our house made chilli sugar syrup to spice things up for you! - Served in a tall glass.

Doucer De Vivre 

Coffee, chocolate and milk - all things sweet! This is what 'Doucer de vivre' means in the French language and this is exactly how people love to describe our mix of Joseph Cartron creme de cacao, Baileys Irish cream, milk topped with chocolate! - Served in a short glass.

Bloody Zac 

A spin off the original sazerac cocktail popular in the 1800s but using Ritten house rye whiskey, Xocolate malt bitters and Solerno blood orange liqueur to give you the Bloody Zac and the flamed Orange peel will certainly warm you up! - Served in a martini glass.

Sweet or Sour


The first published recipe for the aviation in Ensilln's 1916 Recipes for Mixed Drinks. The Aviation gets its name from its unique pale sky blue colour, coming from the Violette Syrup, which is combined with Beefeater gin, lemon juice and Maraschino Liqueur. - Served in a martini glass.

Charlie Chaplin 

Albert Stevens Crockett, creator of this magnificent drink, mentioned: "Named in Chaplin's honour when he began to make the public laugh." A mixture of sloe gin, lime juice, and apricot brandy, this is a Modern Times cocktail classic. - Served in a martini glass.

Hazel Colada 

A spin on the classic pina colada, our hazelnut infused hazel colada is an absolute must try. With every sip you get the smooth creaminess of the milk and the richness of the hazelnut. - Served in a tall glass.

Chambord Dreams 

Chambord is an acquired taste but let us show you how it can be loved by all with this delectable mix of sweetness with a silky underbelly. Smoothness to a tee. - Served in a short glass.

Ginger Kracken 

A classic spiced rum, Kraken will give you that punch that you need to get your senses flowing. Adding more ginger tones than a Glaswegian household this is sure to give you the strength of one too. - Served in a tall glass.

Lychee Martini 

A winner, we hope you agree. It combines the vintage gentleman's martini style with the sophistication of the modern lychee character. A mixture made in heaven. - Served in a martini glass.


Espresso Martini 

This hardly needs any introduction on a cocktail menu. It works like a well oiled machine with its engine: the coffee, the wheels, the kahlua and vodka steering you in a sporadic direction. - Served in a martini glass.


Cubans have created some great things in the past but Mojitos has to go down as their greatest inventions. Refreshing and clean it is only a delight to be tasted. - Served in a tall glass.


Made famous by Sex & The City, sipping on this infusion of Citron Vodka, Orange Liquer & Cranberry juice in a setting like ours is sure to make you feel like you are in NYC. - Served in a martini glass.


Not to be confused with our delicious wood fired oven pizzas! has there ever been any greater invention than tequila. Its the quintessential focal point of this exceptional specimen of a cocktail. - Served in a martini glass.


This classic is celebrated worldwide with every bar having their own way of doing it. Regardless of how you prefer it, it is always a pleasure to drink. Plus 5's is made the way it should be - Havana Anejo Blanco rum, freshly squeezed lime juice and sugar syrup, shaken. - Served in a martini glass.


The Pele of cocktails from the same country. Cachaca and Caiprinhas are always mentioned in the same name, that being the power of this beautiful blend. - Served in a short glass.

Tom Collins 

You have as much chance of finding the real Tom Collins as you do Tom Thumb. Whoever the man was we salute you to this awesome gin based cocktail! - Served in a tall glass.

Whiskey Sour 

The Jekyll and Hyde of cocktails, its filled with a throat firing whiskey but emits hints of subtle lemon and sugar syrup. - Served in a short glass.


Like its friend the Caipirinha it has all the elements found enjoyed on the South American beaches only with Vodka and not Cachaca to give it a different twist. - Served in a short glass.

Old Fashioned 

Chambord is an acquired taste but let us show you how it can be loved by al with this delectable mix of sweetness with a silky underbelly. Smoothness to a tee. - Served in a short glass.

Pina Colada 

Created on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, the Pina Colada is not just famous for the song but it's refreshing blend of rum, coconut, pineapple and fresh lime juice! - Served in a tall glass.

Mai Tai 

A Mai Tai is essentially a daiquiri based on aged rum, orange liqueur or great almond liqueur. The king of & one of the most enduring tiki cocktails around. - Served in a short glass.



Gin, Campari & Vermouth


Gin, Campari, Prosecoo


Gin, Cynar, Vermouth


Bourbon, Campari, Vermouth, Dash of Dom Benedictine

Barrel-Aged Havroni 

Havana 7, Campari, Red Vermouth

Gin & Tonics

  • Plymouth with pink grapefruit slice (UK) 
  • Melbourne Cin Co. with rosemary & peppercorns (AUS)
  • Archie Rose with pear slice (AUS)
  • Four Pillars Gin Co. with orange slice (AUS)
  • Artemis with cucumber slice (AUS)
  • Hendricks with cucumber baton (UK)
  • Cotswolds Dry gin with pink grapefruit slices (UK)
  • The Botanist with thyme sprig & lemon slice (UK)
  • West Winds "The Sabre" with cherry tomato & lemon (AUS)

Bloody Mary's


The only original, with our Absolut Vodka, lemon, salt & pepper and spices such as tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Celery stick & olive included!

Bloody Maria 

Jalapeno Infused Tequila, homemade Bloody Mary Mix garnished w/Jalapeno Popper.

Green Mary 

Absolut Elyx Vodka w/homemade Green Bloddy Mary Mix garnished cucumber.

Bacon Bloody Mary 

Bacon Infused Absolut Elyx Vodka, homemade Bloody Mary Mix topped with diced bacon.

Gazpacho Mary 

Absolut Elyx, homemade Bloody Mary Mix & fresh watermelon garnished w/ a yellow tomato.


Pom Pom 

A shaken blend of apple juice, pomegrante & elderflower cordial! 

Apple Mojito 

A non-alcoholic twist on a classic, fresh apple, mint & lime. 

Virgin Pina Colada 

Removing the alcohol will not affect the flavour sensation that is a Pina Colada. Distinct in its own way it is equally as good!

Sparkling & Champagne

Seppelt Stony Peak Brut

Multi Regional, VIC

T'gallent Prosecoo

Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Campo Viejo Cava Brut Reserva

Rioja, SPA

Seppelt Premium Salinger

bourgogne Region, FRA

Jansz Sparkling Rose


GH Mumm Cordon Rouge NV

Champagne, FRA

Perrier Jouet Grande Brut

Champagne, FRA

NV Bollinger Special Cuvee

Champagne, FRA

Rose & Moscato

Fiore Moscato

Mudgee, NSW

Jacobs Creek Barrossa

Barossa Valley, SA

Truvee Rose

Multi Regional, SA

Rosemont Estate Moscato


White Wine

Vidal Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, NZ

Cape to Cape Sem Sauvignon

Great Southern & Margaret River, WA

Villa Maria Chardonnay

Hawkes Bay, NZ

Sepelt The Drives Chardonnay

Multi Regions, VIC

Mt Ara Pinot Gris

Marlborough, NZ

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Reisling

Barrossa Valley, SA

Ad Hoc Wallflower Reisling

Great Southern, WA

T'gallent Cape Schanck Pinot Grigio

Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Oakridge OTS Pinot Grigio

Yarra Valley, VIC

Truvee Pinot Gris

Multi Regional, SA

Roaring Meg Pinot Gris

Central Otago, NZ

Seppelt Jaluka Chardonnay

Henty, VIC

Red Wine

Vidal Cabernet Merlot

Marlborough, NZ

West Cape Cab Merlot

Great Southern & Margaret River, WA

Seppelt The drives Shiraz

Multi Regions, VIC

Campo Viejo Tempranillo

Rioja, ESP

Pikes Los Tempranillo Shiraz

Clare Valley, SA

T'Gallent Cape Schnack Pinot Noir

Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Bremerton Tempranillo

Multi Regional, SA

Yearling Cabernet Sauvignon

Coonawarra, SA

Truvee Pinot Noir

Multi Regional, SA

Oakridge OTS Pinot Noir

Yarra Valley, VIC

Villa Maria Shiraz

Hawkes Bay, NZ

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