Our historic and modern beverage menu,
served to you in South Wharf

Our signature cocktails are made with fresh ingredients, and our drinks menu proudly boasts a range of old world and new. When you visit Plus 5 in South Wharf, you’ll be impressed with our huge selection of classic beverages and unique thirst quenching offerings, available from noon until night.

With such an extensive choice to choose from our beverage menu, our staff are always on hand to help you find the perfect drink. Whether you want the right tipple to accompany some tapas, or just want to sip under the sun on our water front terrace, we provide everything you need to have a good time.

Come down to South Wharf today and feel at home at Plus 5.

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shed5 riverside cocktail

Signature Cocktails

South Wharf Side - 17.00

A spin on the classic cocktail Southside, our South Wharf Side will tempt you with its delicate and floral notes coming from our Sencha Quince infused Beefeater Gin, and with the refreshing yet sharp hint of lime and mint. 

Chalereux - 20.00

Cordial, warm, hearty… this is what Chalereux means in the French
language and this is exactly how people love to describe our mix
of Martell VSOP Cognac, Grand Marnier, Ximenez Sherry and
White Crème de Cacao. 

Panama - 18.00

Similar to the daiquiri, the Panama mixes Mauritian Rum and Panamian Rum, a touch of agave nectar, and obviously, some lime. With a vanilla note to it, the Panama brings the taste of South America to Plus 5!

Bloody Zac - 22.00

Whiskey drinker? This spin on the Sazerac will amaze you with
its incredible smoothness. Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey is stirred
with Solerno Blood Orange Liquor and a dash of Xocolatl Mole

Sweet Dreams - 18.00

Just a ‘good night’ cocktail, which will make you feel nice and cosy with its blend of Beefeater Gin or Ballantines Whiskey.
Delicious Chamomile Liqueur in a
Yellow Chartreuse rinsed glass.

The Jamaican - 18.00

Congratulations, you just won a trip! This cocktail will take your
imagination across the Caribbean coasts, enhancing your mouth with the smoothness of Jamaican produced rum, and a slightly
fruity after-taste coming from Pedro Ximenez Sherry.

Bellini’s Passion - 12.00

A name says it all! A fruity Bellini composed by Passoa Passion
Fruit liqueur, passionfruit pulp and Veuve D’Argent sparkling
wine. Bellissimo!

Orange Mountains - 16.00

Sweet or Sour? Herbaceous or Floral? Or simply the ABSOLUT
perfect balance between all of them? Absolut Citron Vodka
gets vigorously shaken with house made Apricot Jam Syrup,
Cointreau and Amaro Montenegro, satisfying all the aspects
of your taste buds.

shed5 cocktail with ice and mint


Last Word - 18.00

Originally developed in Detroit during Prohibition, the mix of
Green Chartreuse, Lime Juice, Gin and Maraschino Liqueur is undoubtedly one of the finest cocktails to come out of that
bleak period of American history.

Baya Cooler - 17.00

Absolut Vodka, Red Wine, blackberries and egg white.
How can they match together so well in a cocktail? We are still wondering at Plus 5,
but maybe you’ll find the answer for us!

Penicillin - 19.00

No , this is not a medicine and the only thing it will cure, will be thirst. But it will do it superbly! Sam Ross, (a Melbourne lad) while working at Milk & Honey, combined both blended and single malt whiskey in this sour, adding a touch of honey and ginger syrup. Might cure your cough as well… 

Aviation - 18.00

The first published recipe from aviation appeared in Ensslin’s
1916 Recipes for Mixed Drinks. The Aviation gets its name from
its unique pale colour from the Violette Syrup, which is combined
with Beefeater Gin, lemon juice and Marasachino Liqueur…

Sunflower - 18.00

Bar Superstar, Sam Ross (again!) is the creator of this floral
sour, composed by Beefeater Gin, some elderflower liqueur and Cointreau, served in a fancy coupe rinsed with a dash of

Flor De Jalisco - 18.00

An American spin on the Tommy’s Margarita, coming directly from the NYC cocktail bar Death & Co. Avion Tequila is shaken
with lemon juice, agave syrup and a bar spoon of orange marmalade.

shed5 mulled wine on a glass with orange
shed5 spiced darker with spices

Hot Pleasures

Irish Coffee - 18.00

A classic that does not need any introduction. Jameson Irish Whiskey, Coffee, touch of sugar and Cream. 

French Coffee - 18.00

Mixture of Spiced Rum, Chestnut Liqueur, hot water and a layer of cream and nutmeg. Careful: might cause addiction.

Old Fashioned

Oxaca Old-fashioned - 20.00

Not a Tequila fan? Try this! From the mind of Phil Ward,
one of the great New York bartenders, this Tequila-Mezcal
Old Fashioned will delight you with its earthiness.

Coffee & Cigar - 20.00

Old Rum makes great Old Fashioned! The Angostura 1919 is
the protagonist of this marvellous drink. Smoked with coffee
beans, it tastes just like Coffee and Cigar.

Elder Fashioned - 20.00

St. Germain Elderflower liqueur is stirred with a little touch of
gin in this floral Old Fashioned, with your choice of a smoked
lavender cloud, or not. 

Bloody Mary

The classic - 16.00

The only original, with our Absolut Vodka, lemon, salt and pepper spices, such as Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Celery stick and olive included! 

Mediterranean - 16.00

Rosemary-infused Beefeater Gin, rolled with a clove of garlic, balsamic vinegar and smoky rosemary.

Asian - 16.00

A mixture of Absolut Vodka, Wasabi and Soy Sauce. Note: Very Spicy! You have been warned. 

shed5 riverside cocktail at night


Martinez -18.00

The First, Original prototype of the Martini, created in 1884. Beefeater gin is stirred with a dash of Maraschino, sweet vermouth and orange bitters. Sophisticated and slightly smoother than its cousin Martini.

Perfect - 18.00

Equal parts of sweet and dry vermouth.

Dry - 18.00

Washes with dry vermouth.

Dirty - 18.00

Rinsed with a splash of olive juice.

Breakfast -18.00

This Salvatore Calabrese great is a blend of Beefeater Gin, Cointreau, lemon juice and orange marmalade.

50 / 50 - 18.00

Equal parts of Dry Vermouth and Beefeater Gin or Absolut Vodka.

Vesper - 21.00

Casino Royale, 1953. Do you remember? Beefeater Gin, Absolut Vodka and Lillet blanc, shaken until very cold and garnished with a lemon peel. But if you prefer, we can stir it.

Gibson - 18.00

A Gin Martini. With a cocktail onion… or three.

Caesar - 18.00

Our own Daniele’s special martini; composed of our house rosemary-infused Beefeater, dry vermouth and a couple of cocktail onions. Must try!


Ask our friendly staff for daily mocktail specials

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A Touch of Vintage

Vieux Carré - 20.00
In English “The French Quarter”. Developed in New Orleans,
circa 1938, Vieux Carré is composed with a blend of Martell
VSOP cognac, sweet vermouth, rye whiskey, Benedictine and
bitters. A gentlemen’s drink which will certainly engage Cognac
and Old Fashioned drinkers.

Pink Lady - 18.00
Mainly an aperitif cocktail, the Pink Lady origin is actually
unclear. To the contrary, this drink is bright pink in colour
coming from the shaken egg white, Beefeater Gin, Apple
Brandy and grenadine.

The Old Pal - 21.00
Negroni drinkers, this cocktail will make your night! A strong
blend of Rye Whiskey, with Campari and dry vermouth, this
drink was first mixed in 1922, by Mr. Harry McElhone.

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